Find Channel Partners

Distributors, Resellers, Referral Partners, OEM partners, Franchisees, While label partners and others

About Brigex

We give services to product focused companies in particular industries for finding channel partners.

We are specialized in finding channel partners for : HR products (software, tests, training material), business software, IT products, construction software and tourism products (software, booking engines)

How we work?

For each industry, we maintain a large global database of potential resellers. The companies in this database are categorized by business activity and location.

Once engaged with a product vendor, we identify the vendor's potential channel partners, contact them for checking their in partnership and introduce the interested prospects to the vendor.

Read more details about our process.

Are you interested in partnerships?

If you are looking for channel partners for your products/services , send us your requirements and we will get back for further discussion.

If you are interested in reselling other companies' products, leave us your details and we will inform you about relevant reselling/distribution opportunities in your industry.