If you are a vendor of an HR related product/service and looking for channel partners for expanding your sales, our program is relevant for you.

We find channel partners (resellers) for HR products/services such as:

  • HR Software Products:
    HRMS,  Recruitment Software (ATS), Employee appraisal software, Payroll software, benefit administration software, compensation(remuneration)  software , regulatory reporting tools, CV software and others.

  • HR Assessment Products/Services:
    Pre-employment assessment, behavioral assessment tools, aptitude assessment tools and services

  • Specialized HR services:
    Training programs and others.

Our network of potential channel partners includes:

  • HR Software Integrators:
    Categorized by product and specialty

  • HR Consultants
    Management consultants, compensation consultants, career coaches

  • HR Service Providers
    Recruitment, benefit administration, payroll, HR surveys, OHS, background investigation,  outplacement 

  • Skills Training Providers
    Leadership, communication, negotiation, sales training

  • Business Software Integrators
    ERP, CRM, BI, BPM ant others

  • Business Consultants
    SMB, Strategy, organizational, performance,  leadership,  sector focused consultants, compliance/regulatory consultants

The companies in our network are categorized by business activity, location and industry focus. Based on your partnering strategy, we target the relevant companies for finding suitable partners.