Brigex assists software developers in finding channel partners and expanding their partner network.

We find partners for products/services such as:

  • General purpose business software:  
    ERP, BPM, Document management, business intelligence and others
  • Specialized business software:  
    HR software, marketing/sales software (CRM), accounting software, learning software and solutions for other business functions.
  • Sector specific software:
    Software for finance sector, educational software
  • Software outsourcing services

We find partners such as:

  • Resellers/Integrators
    Resell, implement and support the product.
  • OEM Partners:
    Software developers of complimentary solutions. They integrate the product into their own product and sell it as a part of it.
  • Referral partners:
    Mainly consultancy companies with domain knowledge. Referral partners identify opportunities and position the product accordingly, without being involved in its implementation.

We maintain a global network of:

  • Software Integrators
    ERP integrators, CRM integrators, Document management integrators, BI integrators, ECM integrators and others..
  • IT Integrators
    IT support, general IT integrators, document management integrators
  • Software  Developers
    Developers of custom software and various products.
  • Consultancies
    Strategy consulting, operational consulting, risk consulting, accountants, HR consultants
  • Agencies
    Marketing agencies, e-Learning content development agencies, recruitment agencies

We identify the potential partners according to the vendor's product and partnership strategy, reach out to the prospects and find out the interested ones.